MEMO LDR: LDR Principles


This memorandum is to inform you of the LDR principles below;


Inbound Team


  • The inbound team needs toalways offer First time call resolution as far as possible by using the knowledge and tools provided for the LDR product.
  • If not possible to provide first time resolution, we need to manage expectations and ensure the query is logged and subsequently monitored and managed


LDR Team

  • Lets keep to the agreed SLA’s for ‘awaiting user feedback’ and ‘awaiting additional fees’



  1. Helpdesk LDR must clear all 30 days and older applications, they must refund and reject, if a client wants to continue later on then the fees will be added on payCity.
  2. 1stcontact is done by Helpdesk Admin (Danealle, Zandile, Ncumisa & Mas-oodah) via 2nd contact in 3 days which would be via telephonic communication (Sikelelwa & Malcolm). 3rd contact in 7 days which would be via telephonic communication (Sikelelwa & Malcolm). 4th contact in 10 days which would be done via telephonic communication (Sikelelwa & Malcolm)
  3. On 1st, 2nd & 3rdcontact the notes added on the system will always be via email or telephonic communication and the status ‘Was the user contacted’ will always be a YES.

Awaiting Additional fees Procedure : If a client owes us – Syntell paid more than we charged the client

  1. First contact is with Helpdesk – Send an email
  2. Second contact on 3rdday – Do a follow up Call
  3. Third contact on the 5th day – Another follow upcall
  4. On the 10th day – Send another email and then escalate to your manager – Do not move status


If we stick to these principles together with clear and standard communication we are already off to a good start.


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